Do Mi Stauber: Intimate Landscapes in Colored Pencil
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About the Artist

While many artists portray an expansive view of nature’s grandeur, Do Mi Stauber looks down and in. She sees the smallest details, the texture that she calls “the tender surface of the world.” Perhaps this close-up fascination comes from her early nearsightedness, and the magic of individual leaves appearing on the trees when she put on her first pair of glasses. It’s no surprise that her colored-pencil “intimate landscapes” approach abstraction as they explore the eye of an elephant, the bark edges around a knothole, a tiny rock crevice.

Even though she began working colored pencil only eight years ago, Do Mi has already won awards in local and national shows, including cash awards from the Colored Pencil Society of America and the Audubon Artists’ Annual Exhibition at the historic Salmagundi Club in New York City. In addition to local newspaper reviews, Do Mi received national media attention this winter: American Artist magazine published a feature article on her unique work in the February 2006 issue.

Do Mi teaches workshops and classes in colored pencil. When not traveling in search of animals and rocks, she can be found nestled in her home studio among tall trees in Eugene, Oregon.

portrait of Do Mi Stauber with work in progress

Artist's Statement
Whether I am exploring a rock formation, a living tree, or the wrinkles and planes of an animal's face, it is the intimate details of the landscape that fascinate me. Following my pencil point down into subtle layers of texture opens a world of mystery, awe, and stillness. I hope my paintings bring to viewers this same experience.

I paint with Prismacolor and Polychromo pencils on Rising Stonehenge paper. Using the sharpest possible point and tiny movements, I blend colors in up to fifteen layers to create a rich, textured surface. I use photographs for reference, and extensive value/compositional sketches and color studies prepare me for the slow, meditative painting process.

In Their Presence

"...a soft, luminous, multi-layered colored-pencil close-up...reaching toward abstraction in its marvelous study of texture."
Sylvie Pederson, Eugene Weekly, 2005
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